Every time I read a blog, a news article, watch a video, or visit any of my favorite websites I am bombarded with pop-ups and purchasing opportunities. No one enjoys the 10-second ad that is required to endure in order to watch a video or the NCAA tournament. It is frustrating and annoying and a complete waste of time. Hopefully you’ve noticed that I have kept lovineveryday.com free from all of that. I promise you the ad-free environment on this space will continue.

If you continue to visit LED, you will notice a change to the site. Today, wSLN.COMe will provide a link to ShopLEDNation.com, a site with custom shirts, hats, hoodies and
other gear. WHY?

The answer to that question has not fully developed, but I know it will. For now, you will see some amazing artwork developed by a team from Matt Jensen Marketing here in Sioux Falls. One of the first offerings will be a “LED to Finish” brand that is for the Augustana University Viking football team. Sales from that apparel will be used for future Augustana University students. AugiePrayer

They say that “necessity is the mother of all invention”. Part of the beauty of LED Nation is that we don’t need this for any reason and yet invention is happening. That gives LED a tremendous amount of freedom to be artistic and not just marketable. Momentum is mounting here, and I am sure that while we are “LED to Fish”, we are LED to fish for something bigger than just creatures of the sea. Matthew 4:18-20

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