’16 LED to Hunt Archery Elk

On September 9, 2016, if you would have told me that I would come back to South Dakota without any elk meat in my freezer, I would have been disappointed. Nearly 5 months later as I write this I am satisfied. As I recount the 12 day d.i.y. adventure on Montana public ground, I am grateful. Amidst over 30 million acres available to us, we chose a couple of miles that held elk, moose, Grizzly bear, and mule deer. Have a look at why we had contentment without even drawing back our bows…

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2 thoughts on “’16 LED to Hunt Archery Elk

  1. Love the site, the mission and the message. One question, if I go hunting with you, do we have to hold hands? Looking forward to following your many adventures. Amen Brotha.


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